Dhaka tour

Dhaka tour

Dhaka as the capital of Bangladesh is very famous for many reasons such as historical events, city of mosques, crowded city and more that gathered with activities and achievements. It was founded in 1610 and adorned with the glory of the capital of the region when this land was under the Mugal and British rules. It used to be known as the town of mosques because of many mosques. In Dhaka tour you can find more sightseeing.

It was also known for the finest quality of fabrics and pink pearls that well adorned by Mughal and western aristocracy.      In Dhaka tour and tourism, we will show you the most attractions in new and old Dhaka accordingly to mentioned in international guide books as lonely planet and bradt. Dhaka tourism in Bangladesh tour is the most important place to know history and culture. Visit key attractions like Lalbagh fort, Ahsan Manjil, Star Mosque and Armenium Church. You can ride boat at Bhuriganga river to enjoy the time seeing the busy life of people at the both sides, It is a new experience too to ride rickshaw on the passages.

Sadarghat and Badamtoli are waterfront of Dhaka city, you can enjoy this during your Dhaka tourism .  The view of river life is fascinating. In the middle of the river there are arrays of boats, speedboats and many water boats. This boating tour can be for a short or long day at Sadarghat. It is a starting point of water vehicles.

Ahsan Manjil is one of the most interesting buildings in Dhaka known to people as pink palace. It occupies history of Dhaka as well as East Bengal from the mid nineteenth century to the first quarter of the twentieth century. This building holds periodical incidents for years.

Lalbagh fort, the construction of this fort was begun in 1677 under the auspices of prince Mohannad Azam third son of Aurangojeb who then handed it over to Shaista Khan for completion. The death of Pari Bibi fairy lady  daughter of khan was considered as bad woman for which it was never completed. Inside there is a small museum of Mughal miniature paintings with other beautiful examples of calligraphy, swards and firearms.

Of Dhaka tour, Dhakeswari temple is the main Hindu temple of Dhaka City dated in the 11th century.  Here are two sets of buildings, one often seen in tourists photo consists of four adjoining rekha temples with a square sanctum on a raised platform with moldings on the walls covered by tally pyramidal roofs of the typical curve Bengal style.

National museum is a must that made of ivory and the real value of the museum is in the extensive collection of fine folk art and handicrafts. This museum displays folk arts more things.

National assembly is a popularly known as the sangsad vhaban parliament building was built in 1963 by world renowned American architect Louis Khan. It is a huge assembly of concrete cylinders and rectangular boxes sliced open with bold, multi story circular and triangular apertures instead of windows. The marble stripes between the concrete layers have been linked pinstripes on a finely tailored suit. The interior which includes the octagonal assembly hall features bizarre piranha inspired spaces.

Liberation war museum has a very excellent display for the independence war 1971. It is one of the best museums in Bangladesh.

In Dhaka tour, is a place named Sonargaon that has a meaning is golden city which was the golden city of Bengal from the 13th early to early  17th  century during the  Chandra and Deva dynasty. The city was a flourished city used for business and international meeting too.

National Martyr’s memorial is located in Savar known as the Jatio shrito showd in Bangla. The tapering 50m high memorial is to the millions who sacrificed their life for independence. The design beautifully keeps ground a number of glassy platforms that cover the mass graves of those who killed in the liberation war.

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