Saint in Sylhet tour, king house and Jaflong

Saint in Sylhet tour, king house and Jaflong

Saint place of Hazrat Shahzalal (R:)
Born Makhdum Jalal ad-Deen bin Muhammad in the Middle East, Hazrat Shah Jalal was raised by his maternal uncle in Mecca, and in his youth came to Bengal to preach Islam. Legend says that he crossed the Surma River by his prayer rug to help the Muslim army defeat the Hindu king. Continue reading “Saint in Sylhet tour, king house and Jaflong”

where is Bangladesh

Where is Bangladesh?

It is a good question, where is Bangladesh? It arises to people who are unknown totally to this country because of it is discovered few years ago or as a small country. The reason people ask is it is not yet discovered as a green destination to the world tourists. It’s an independent country that just got freedom in 1971. Before many race did realm the country. Continue reading “where is Bangladesh”