Archaeological sites in Bangladesh- Kantajir Temple Tajhat Zaminder palace

Kantajir temple

Archaeological sites Kantajir Temple Tajhat Zaminder palace

Archaeological sites Kantajir temple Tazhat Zaminder palace. Kantanagar Temple is an 18th century’s brick temple which situated about 12 miles north of Dinajpur town. This originally ‘nine spired’ Hindu temple is said as the most ornamental temple in Bangladesh.

It had lost the spires during the devastating earthquake in 1897. The whole temple is covered with terracotta plaques that describe its stories of ten incarnations of Lord Visnu specially from the epic poems Ramayana and Mahavarata.

Archaeological sites Kantajir Temple Tajhat Zaminder palace

Tajhat jamindar Palace in Bangladesh tourism  
This 20th Century palace was constructed by the local Jamindar, and was used as residence till 1950s, when government acquisitioned the estate. In the 1980s, Bangladesh Government used it as the local sit for the high court division of the Supreme Court. Later in the 1990s, shifting the high court, it was given to the archaeological authority that established a small museum on the first floor of the building. With a wide green belt around the building, it makes a good pastime for the tourists.

Bagha Mosque
The Bagha Mosque is located at Bagha 25 miles southeast of Rajshahi division. It was established in 1523 by Nashrat Shah, was an independent Sultan of Bengal. The mosque is depicted on the 50 Taka Note of Bangladesh. The mosque was built of brick besides a large tank and is surrounded by a brick wall. The mosque is well acquainted for its beautiful terracotta ornamentation. The saint place of Auliah Hazrat Danishmand (R:) is in the Bagha Mosque complex.