Welcome to Bangladesh tourism where life is so amazing you can not believe without visiting at least once in y our life. People in Bangladesh are very helpful to get it for you. Green nature is welcoming  you!  We are always happy to show you our beautiful Bangladesh.  You can rejoice here in your  Bangladesh tourism. There are many kinds of life style where you can enjoy.  Life style is different in town, rural and tribe.  The urban life style follows little bit modern dissimilarity with rural and tribal.   People in rural area have good relation with nature because natural sites are in country side. You can see the tribal life style which is unique and vibrant in their own

characteristics. If you want to see village life and enjoy their life, go to visit our rural areas during your Bangladesh tourism.  People living near the nature respect nature. You can find the most primitive life here.  People use  old traditional technique to farming . You can see somewhere that farmers plough the land with cow and ox.  You will see also village women making foods in ovens fueled with chopped woods. The village kids spends their time by playing, football, cricket, Kabadi and more native games.  In Bangladesh tourism, you can see this kind of enjoyment.

During playing, the splash of mud touches the village children life and their pleasure.  Boys also enjoy climbing trees and pick the fruits to eat fresh. They jump on the river or pond, thus village children play  and enjoy their time.  Boys swim in the river and play a kind of game which is like hide and seek.  After this, at late afternoon, take bath. At evening,  they look at the sky to see moon and stars, this is the village life.  You will be amazed to have the hospitality of Bangladesh people in your Bangladesh tourism.  People treat with tourists as their guests.

Village people being happy smile that stays in mind and remind you to visit wonderful country again and again. There are more things to do and see in your Bangladesh tourism.  This will be a new experience in your life.  When you return to your country, it will of course remind you.  There are many tour activities, you can know by asking us.  Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh and developing fast as a modern metropolis. There are exciting  history and culture about Dhaka. In your Dhaka tourism it will show you everything.

Dhaka is known as the city of mosques, hundreds of roads.  Most of the attraction are national parliament building, lalbagh fort, central shahid minar, national martyrs memorial, Ahsan Manjil, Bahadur shah park, botanical garden etc.


Hill tracks in Chittagong where you can visit Bandarban, Rangamati and Khagrachori in your Bangladesh tourism.  Bandarban is one of the most attractions in Bangladesh for wonderful scenic beauty.  This beautiful part of hills, tribal people, waterfall, lakes and temples will unquestionably captivate your soul. Three highest peaks of Bangladesh are Tajingdong (in Bangla Bijoy), Mowdok Mual and Keokradong. One can hike through the jingle and hilly rivers at any of these.  While trekking in Bandarban, you can see many hidden waterfalls. Tribal foods, culture and handicrafts will delight your heart.  Staying with them, you can experience easily their culture.

At Milonchori, Shoilo Propaat waterfall is 4 km away from the town on the road to Thanchi.  While visiting this waterfall, you can walk around the small market for handicrafts and foods sold by tribal people. Nafakum waterfall is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Bangladesh which is situated on hilly Sangu river at a remote area called Remakri, Thanchi upozilla of Bandarban district.

Rijuk waterfall is about 300 feet high with continually flow of water falls in the Sangu river. It is located in Ruma upozilla. Natural resources surround this waterfall. About 66 km far from Bandarban town. Jadipai waterfall in Bandarban is one of the widest waterfalls in Bangladesh. It is also in Ruma Upozilla of Bandarban district. It will take one hour walk from Keokradong summit to this place.  Chingri Jhiri is another waterfall in Ruma Upozilla close to Boga lake. It takes mostly one hour walk from Boga lake through rocks and pebble stones. Zingsiam Saitar is one of the wonderful waterfalls in Ruma Upozilla.  This falls has three different sections and makes an amazing view. It is used by tribal community.

Patang Jhiri Waterfall in Bangladesh tourism

Patang Jhiri- a kind of water way (waterfall) is located in Ruma Upazilla and appears on the path to Boga lake. This not-so-big waterfall has some exceptional beauty in its structure and surroundings.

Faipi waterfall is in Thaikang Para. Tourists can visit Faipi both via Thanchi or Ruma.

Baklai Waterfall Baklai Waterfall is situated at Baklai para in Thanchi upazilla, Bandarban. Baklai Waterfall is about 370 feet height. There some people think that Baklai Waterfall is the top highest waterfall in Bangladesh. The view of Baklai waterfall is so amazing.

Boga Lake  in Bangladesh tourism Boga Lake is the most beautiful natural lake in Bangladesh. It is also known as Bagakain Lake or Baga Lake. Boga lake ( a water basin) is about 18 kilometer away from Ruma Sadar Upozilla of Bandarban. This lake is about 15 acres. It is about 3000 feet above sea level. The color of water of this lake is blue and very nice. Many mythological stories are behind the creation of this lake. Many tourists make their way to Boga lake every year, especially in winter season. Small tribe community like Bawm, Khumi have localities besides the Boga Lake. In the rainy season, it is quite hard to stroll beside the boga lake.

The road from Ruma to Boga lake is still under construction. There waiting lots of enjoyment and delight for tourists at Boga lake. Tourists will definitely be amazed looking at the big rocks that  lying in and out of the Boga lake. Possible to have a camp fire beside the lake which will be unbelievable and mind-blowing memory in your life. Boga Lake, an inscription endowment of beauty and pleasure at Bandarban, Bangladesh tourism.

This place is for nature lovers that always feel a thirst for beauty, thrill and charm. Holy nature has bestowed Bangladesh with overwhelming and unparalleled creature that is publicly known as Boga Lake. This lake is considered as a source of wonder, unlimited beauty and adventure moment for the nature lovers. Boga Lake is waiting with unique beauty for adventurous travelers that want to satisfy their eyes and minds with artificial and tedious natural beauties also to fill their heart with eternal joy and thrill to innovate their restless mind. This is emerging as a holy duty and it is a lightening the beauty with thrill.

The origin name of Boga lake is derived from some domestic mythological stories. Boga- the word is derived from the local word of tribes  that means a dragon or fire. Some super natural stories flame the fire concerning the lake being the stay of an ancient dragon and that concludes the story of the identification of Boga lake.

Some anthropologists define this lake of 2000 years old hill enclave natural lake of Bandarban. Boga lake is accompanied with dense bamboo bushes around three sides which are bounded by mountain peaks. Boga lake is also recognized as the highest natural lake in Bangladesh which is approximately 1500 ft above the sea level. Lake has a rectangular shape either funnel shape. Some experts say that the Boga lake is about 3000-3700 ft above the sea levels indeed.

The lake is supposed to be 38 meters deep. There is a small spring beside the lake which is called Bagachhara 153 meter deep.  Basically Bagachhara is the fundamental source of water from surface drainage, rain water and seepage of spring, soft and small rocks of various shapes having almost covered Boga lake surface.

The beauty and its attraction of Boga lake changes with distinctive color change in seasons. It depends on various indicators like sun rays, clouds, humidity, so called survival of a hot spring at the bottom of the Boga lake. It shows different color in different seasons. This lake often dislays its extra ordinary crystal clear mirror blue shade view that reflects as pearls and more than enough to astonish people.

It is easy to imagine for general people that approximately 1500 feet above sea level and unfavorable natural area of Boga Lake has made it without any survival of human community or barren area indeed. The tourists and travelers will feel relief to know that they will see numbers of local tribes like Bom, Khumi and others on their life way and in the Boga lake area too.

Accommodation – Bangladesh tourism

The local tribal communities offer interesting accommodation arrangements for the tourists and travelers. Tribal communities have built small good-looking cottages with facilities what they have in their range.

Budha Dhatu Jadi

It is a Theravada Buddhist temple and also known as the Golden Temple in  Bandarban. The Buddha Dhatu Jadi is situated at Pulpara, the distance is 4 kilometers from Balaghata town and 10 kilometers from Bandarban hill district. The Golden Temple is the largest Theravada Buddhist Temple and is the second largest Buddha statue in Bangladesh.

This temple is very well known in local language of local people as kyang. This Buddha Dhatu Jadi is regarded as one of the holy sites for Theravada Buddhism followers and Buddhist pilgrims. The Marma or Mogh tribal group of Chittagong Hill Tracts practice this religious activities, a dominant ethnic group in Bandarban hilly area. These communities are of Arakan descent and Buddhists by religious thought.

This temple of Bandarban hill town which has two highest peaks, the Tajingdong is about 4,000 feet / 1,200 meters and the Keokaradong is about 4,632 feet / 1,412 meters covered with dense forests. A river named Sangu flows through the town. There is a waterfall nearby this place. The temple was built on the top of a 200 feet / 60 meters high hill. The construction of this temple was started in 1995 and completed in 2000.

The Buddha Dhatu Jadi temple is a great attraction to the pilgrims all over the world. It is a part of the Buddhist Circuit Tour promoted by the South Asia Sub regional Economic Cooperation.

There is small pond at the temple named The Pond of Angels on the top of the hill. Traveler or tourist can see a total glance of Balaghata and its surrounding natural beauties from here. Many festivals are arranged here in every year.

Chimbuk Hill of Bangladesh tourism

Chimbuk is one of the most familiar tourist spot in Bandarban because of highest mountain. It is just 26 kilometer away from Bandarban sadar. About 2500 feet high above sea level. Zigzag road shows awesome view. Riding in a jeep it will be charming. When your jeep moves through the various indigenous villages, the simplicity in human gestures will make you think about our predecessors struggles to cope with to maintain existence. Tribes living in the hill tracks are as simple as nature. While looking down from Chimbuk, it will get you the feelings of clouds floating over. In a shiny day, you can see the shades of clouds over the hills.

Meghla in Bangladesh tourism

Meghla Parjatan Complex is a tourist place that is the most amazing tourist spot. Meghla is in the connected  area of the Bandarban hill district council and on the gateway of Bandarban which is maintained by district management. Four km from the town to Keranihat which features a mini-safari-park, a zoo, journey by boat, a hanging bridge and at the bottom of the hills artificial lake has been made. This is the most popular place for doing picnic party. Many tourists make the way to Meghla for celebrating their vacations.

Nilachal in Bangladesh tourism

Another beautiful place is Nilachal also maintained by district administration. It is known as tiger hill. The phenomenon view of Nilachal is so spectacular for visiting.

Nilachal is the adjacent tourist spot in Bandarban. It is situated at Tigerpara and about 2000 feet above from the sea level and 5 kilometer away from the Bandarban town. Visitor can see the total glance of a vast landscape in Bandarban town. In the rainy season visitor can be thrilled seeing through the clouds.

Nilgiri in Bangladesh tourism

One of the tallest peaks and beautiful tourist spot is Nilghiri in Bangladesh. Nilgiri is situated at Thanci Thana of Bandarban, itis approximately 3500 feet high and about 46 km south of Bandarban. It is on Bandarban-Chimbuk-Thanchi road.

Here is also a tribal village that you can visit Mro villages. Their colorful culture and living style are certainly an unexplored experience for tourists. It creates a spectacular scenery in rainy season, the whole spot is covered with the clouds.  Winter is awaiting with its foggy gesture. Most attractive time is The dawn is the most attractive time and a good place for campfire. If you choose to stay during 7-18 dates of a lunar month to enjoy the moonlit night, it can be fantastic. You can also enjoy the serpentine course of Sangu River where is good for boating.

Sangu River in Bangladesh tourism

Bandarban’s natural beauty is Sangu River. This river follows a northerly roundabout in the hill tracts up to Bandarban and enters the district from the east and flows west across the district, after all it moves into the bay of Bengal. This river is aged of thousands years. It is an important route to communicate with Ruma and Thanci Upozilla people. It brings huge economic interests to the population of Bandarban. Mainly it is used for transportation, agricultural and other necessary works for the people of remote community.

The current of the river almost becomes stagnant in winter season. But in rainy season the current becomes aggressive. Tourists can see hills, forests, waterfalls and river. All the way it will be thrilling only and is simply amazing to tourists. You will enjoy a magnificent river cruise.

Prantik Lake in Bangladesh

Prantik Lake is a beautiful tourist lake in Bandarban district of Bangladesh. The lake is surrounded by plants and trees. This place will certainly attract tourists’ mind.

Hanging Bridge in Bangladesh

This hanging Bridge is known to Banglai as Jhulon Shetu. Parjatan Corporation made hanging bridges in Bandarban. As this hanging Bridge is along with surrounding natural view, it draws the beauty.

Keokeradong in Bangladesh tourism

The second highest mountain of Bangladesh is Keokradong  which located on the border of Bangladesh and Myanmar. Keokradong is about 4,035 ft /1,230 meters high from the sea level. Keokradong is covered with dense forests, birds, animals and full of nature.

Tourists will be pleased with the dazzling beauty of green hill, waterfalls, zigzag path, hilly road, hide and seek of clouds on the top of the hill.  Two tribal communities named Saikotpara and Darjilingpara are 4 km away from Bogalake. Darjilingpara is about 1 km away from Keokradong. This journey is very much laborious.

Tajingdong in Bangladesh

Tajingdong is about 4300 ft /1310 meters high from the sea level. This is situated in remakri Pangsha union under Ruma upazilla of Bandarban in Bangladesh. There are a variety of tribal community is developed surrounding the mountain and their living styles are so natural.

Rangamati in Bangladesh tourism– from Chittagong, a 77 km road amidst green fields and winding hills will take you to Rangamati where are various flora and fauna. Rangamati means a colorful land because of its beautiful landscape, lake, colorful tribes, flora, fauna, tribal museum and textile products.

Sundarban in Bangladesh tourism

In Bangladesh tourism, Sundarban tour package is an awesome tour.  The Sundarbans is the home of the Royal Bengal Tiger. It is over about 6000 sq km of delta with the coastal belt. This is the world biggest mangrove forest. This dense mangrove forests are crisscrossed by rivers and creeks like network. There are tigers, huge crocodiles, leopards, deer, monkeys and snakes. UNESCO has declared this site as World heritage sites.

Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh tourism,

Cox’s Bazar is the world’s longest unbroken sea beach that slopes down to the blue water of the Bay of Bengal with its background picturesque of a chain of hills with forests. It has long golden sands, towering cliffs, surfing waves and rare conch shells.

Archaeological tour Rajshahi tour of Bangladesh tourism

Puthia in Bangladesh tourism
The Mughals created Puthia Jamindari in the early 17th century which is one of the oldest estates of Bengal. In 1895 two storied Puthia Rajbari is one of the most attractive structures in the area. Among all, the five spire Govinda temple, Trio Bangla temple, and the Shiva temple of South Indian Style are interesting.
One of the largest medieval cites is Gaud in the Indian subcontinent. Once it was the capital of Bengal from 1450 AD to 1565 AD. Located on the eastern strip of land between the Ganges and the Mahananda rivers, has few structures standing inside the border of Bangladesh. Other attractions are Choto Shona Mosque, Darashbari Mosque, Madrassa, and Khania Dighi Mosque as the remains.

Varendra Research Museum
Varendra Museum was the first museum  established in erstwhile East Bengal in 1910. The museum started its collection for Varendra Investigation Society. Since inception this museum has actively researched history of the ancient Varendra Civilization. The society along with Calcutta University in 1923, excavation at Somapura Bihara was started. There are very rich collection of ancient stuffs from different parts of Bangladesh.

Mahasthangarh in Bangladesh tourism
The oldest and largest archaeological site of Bangladesh is Mahasthangarh whichlies on the western bank of river Katatoya. It is about 12 km north of Bogra town. Mahasthanagarh has the ruins of the ancient city of Pundranagara. The city was identified in 1879; the first regular excavation was conducted in 1928-1929 by the Archaeological Survey of India under the guidance of KN Diksit. At present, Bangladesh government does this activities.

Latest findings indicate a total of 18 building levels that the city was inhabited as early as 6th Century BC. Dwellers of the city were mainly traders, who traded to and from from other countries. Allegedly the city was derelict after a great fire in the 15th Century and had gone underground in few centuries. There are Govinda Bhita, Laksmindar Medh, Bhasu Vihar, Vihar Dhap, Mangalkot and Godaibadi Dhap are excavated sites located outside the city but within its vicinity. The site has an adjacent museum that houses findings of the city.

Paharpur in Bangladesh tourism
Important archaeological site in Bangladesh is Paharpur which is situated in a village. Buchanon Hamilton firstly noticed the site in course of his survey in Eastern India between 1807 and 1812. Archaeological Survey of India regularly and systematic way started excavation in 1923, Varendra Research Museum of Rajshahi and Calcutta University.

Dharma Pala built a Buddhist monastery that is the excavation unearthed during the period from 780 AD to 830 AD, the second king of Pala Dynasty. The site comprises of a nearly rectangular surrounding wall with minor structures like refectory hall, kitchen, well, small Stupas etc. The central stupa has a cruciform foundation for a hollow chamber supported by four identical wings in four directions.