where is Bangladesh

Where is Bangladesh?

It is a good question, where is Bangladesh? It arises to people who are unknown totally to this country because of it is discovered few years ago or as a small country. The reason people ask is it is not yet discovered as a green destination to the world tourists. It’s an independent country that just got freedom in 1971. Before many race did realm the country.

One after another races were the leaders of this country with respective names.  Bangladeshi loves it as mother land. For this country, many Bangladeshis sacrificed their life for freedom fighting with Pakistan in 1971. It is located in Asia, Bangladesh covers 1,47,570 squire kilometers, making 96th largest nation in the world. Bangladesh is a small country in Asia bordering India in three sides except the South where is the bay of Bengal.

The currency of Bangladesh is Taka. People of Bangladesh are known as Bangladeshi. The dialing code for the country is 880 and top level internet domain for Bangladeshi sites is .bd. Culture is Indo-Bangla mixed culture following the tradition. People living in cities follow western culture.

Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh where the country is lead from. Dhaka is the busiest city in the country.