Welcome to Sundarban. The world famous mangrove forest in the world is Sundarban the home of royal Bengal tiger. It is situated at the mouth of great river Bhuriganga. This forest covers 10000 sq kilometers of the delta and it is shared by Bangladesh and India.

Sundarban- but two third of it is in Bangladesh.  Its beauty lies in unique natural view. Thousands of meandering stream, creeks, rivers and canals enhance the charming beauty. Sundarban has a meaning that Sundar means beautiful Bon forest. The world famous Royal Bengal Tiger’s natural habitat is Sundarban besides there are spotted deer, crocodile, jungle fowl, wild boar lizards, monkey and variety of beautiful birds. Four types of dolphins are in the rivers close to This forest such as Ganga river dolphin, Irrawaddy dolphin, indo-pacific hump backed dolphin and  others.

Over two hundred species of birds live in  this forest. T


Thirty two species of mammals and fifty species of reptile living in this forest including king cobra, several species of pit vipers, monitor lizards, large crocodiles and others give a place to travel.   About a third of the Sundarban forest has a complex network of tidal creeks, mud area and small island that is subject to tidal inundation.

Sundarban is because of beautiful forest having highest bio diversity in the world, the large variety of flora and fauna that  this natural beauty is for botanists, nature lovers, poets, painters and photographers.  The main  and common tourists spots are Karamjal, Katka, Kochikali, Hiron Point and Mandarbaria. Hiron point (Nilkamal) is for tiger point, deer, monkey and other regular small animals.  Katka that shows vast grassy meadows starting from Katka to Kachikali is a nice place for forest trekking. An Island named Tin Kuna is for tigers and deer. Karamjal is wildlife center display a forest attraction. Herbaria mangrove part is for trail in Sundarban.

Best time to visit. Sundarban offers visitors spectacular sights and experiences in October to April. But possible to make a tour in other months. Winter when the weather is cool, no much high sun rays is generally considered as the best time to visit.  In summer, temperature is high that increasing the chance to see snakes and its nesting activities in vegetation.

Special in Sundarban tour

Honey collection from April to June is a true a adventure in the land of tigers. This is unique and unforgettable.  A group of honey collectors  to the western part of the forest collects honey that some people take this livelihood. Sundarban tour

Dubla Raas purnima Mela in Sundarban tour is a fair holds in January.  General public entering the forest to move to resources and fishermen, wood cutters and honey collectors pray to Bon Bibi for a safe return. The local believes it much.  Shrine is built to her honor in the forest. The clay is figured and replaced colorfully to celebrate once a year that is unique festival occasion  with music, theaters and fairs.

Sundarban- Dubla Raas purnima mela is also an awesome fair that holds either in November or December depending on the moon.  There is an island named Dubla situated at the main point of Ganga River. Here fishermen inhabit during winter. For annual fair many Hindu pilgrims join this festival, the night is full moon. After enjoying the celebrities and activities, the devotees congregate in long line at river side in the early morning holding their foods to Gods and receive the blessings.

Bird watching tour in Sundarban is because of many migratory birds come to this area. As this forest becomes a center for breeding, taking rest and feeding places to migratory birds. We pass the time in the boat to explore creeks and canals.