Cox’s Bazar tour and St. Martin Island

Cox’s Bazar tour and St. Martin Island

Welcome to longest sea beach. Cox Bazar is the longest sea beach of the world that is a nice place to enjoy the time in relax. It is the most attractive spots in Bangladesh. You can enjoy the roaring of the sea seating on the bench.

It’s a place to take bath. In Cox’s Bazar there are golden sands that goes a long way giving you path to walk, towering cliffs, surfing waves in high and low that touching your feet, rare conch shells, colorful pagodas, Buddhist colorful temples of many tribes that worship, delightful seafood is much interesting. 

Coxs Bazar is also one of the tourists capital of Bangladesh. This is a  shark free water which is good for bathing, swimming, the sandy beaches facilitates for sun bathing the beauty of the setting sun behind the waves of the sea is simply captivating. Local people Rakayne as tribe  make cigars and hand loom products are popular. Although in winter season people come to visit basically,  Cox’s Bazar sea beach is gathered almost throughout the year which becomes a big gathering. It is for who likes relaxation in the beach and visit the world longest sea beach in the world.

St. Martin island is the most beautiful coral island in Bangladesh where you will find coral islands to see the endless beauty. The Island is easily connected to Bangladesh from where visitors move to by motor boats and ships. This tour will give you an experience of rive cruise.  Its only 30 kilometers from Teknaf. St Martin coral island is approximately 10 km southwest  of the Southern part of the country which is a tropical procedure beaches with beautiful marine life. It is a clean and calm place.

It’s  possible to walk around the Island in a day because it is only 8 square kilometers 3 square miles, shrinking to about five squire kilometers two squire miles during high tide. Here most of the Island’s about 5500 inhabitants live primarily for caching fish. You will find the beautiful coral reef, long coral beach. You can go to Chera Diip- Island by walking. It is about two and half hour walk from St. Martins Island. In that Island you will find the corals living all over the Island. A small bush is there which in the only green part of Chera Deep, enhancing  the beauty of this Island.