In Srimangal tour, Tea Garden- Sreemangal is the place of tea gardens, hills and forest areas on the hills. Till your vision through the nature you will find green landscape. Sreemangal is famous for the largest tea gardens of the world and most of the tea gardens covered by lush green carpet. Tourists can visit the spectacular tea processing at Tea Research Institute or at any tea factory. Most of the tea estates are around Srimangal.

Srimangal is called the land of two leaves and a bud because of lot of tea estates around Srimangal. It is camellia, the green carpet or tea mountain too. There are many tea estates including one of the largest tea garden in the world. Green valley of tea garden, the terraced area , pineapple plantation in line, rubber plantation and lemon plantation form a wonderful landscape. Just after entering into the tea estates, the green is everywhere and this green beauty will lead you long way, in the fruit cultivation area, the fresh lemon smells  to you.  

 Tea factory visit during Srimangal tour is a must for people who wants to see the process of tea making. Srimangal leisure tour and Srimangal adventure tour can be while you are in Srimangal.

Four tribal village can be visited in Sreemangal tour, Four Tribal Villages- The ethnic people have increased the attraction of this place as Tripura, Garo, Khasia and Monipuri are important with their traditional cultures. (Khasia tribe)  Khasia is famous for their betel leaf cultivation. They make their villages high on hilltop in deep forest and so far from town with a different culture -tribal life style forms a memorable and enjoyable. It is like “A Piece of Paradise”. Certainly it will please you. Tripura -tribal people whose life style is apart from city life, it is a hilly life.  Monipuri tribe has very popularity for their enriched culture and traditional weaving as famous dance, singing and handicrafts. It is known as colorful community. Garo Tribe is similar to Tripura tribe.

Fruit Garden in Srimangal tour this is a place to supply fruits everywhere in Bangladesh. Lime/Lemon garden, pineapple garden shows a fantastic view, the sweetest and best quality pineapples are grown here in Bangladesh.

Lawachara Tropical Rain Forest (National Park) one of the main attractions which is an important and well-preserved forest in Bangladesh, a home of wild animals as Capped languor, Pig-tailed, Assamese, Rhesus macaques, slow Loris etc. including rare species- Gibbon-Hoolock that tourists may see rare species gibbons swinging through the trees on canopy in the forest. Birds, mammals and insect watchers should not miss this chance and its main attraction is dense forest -calm with many trees of more than 100 years old and plants,

chirping of birds, noise of insects and calls of animals is like a music forest, many hills and zigzag paths give amazing feelings, a good place for trekking through trails. There is only one African teak oak in Bangladesh which is here. In Srimangal tour, Srimangal tour package will give you nature touching tour.

Madhobpur Lake of Lotus and water lily- The spectacular Madhobpur Lake surrounded by lush tea estates and full of water lilies is unique; it is the picturesque toward the view of India keeps an excellent view. An awesome view appears while on the car.

Wet land/Haor (Baikka Beel) is a sanctuary where millions of migrating birds take shelter in winter coming from Siberia and Antarctica. For bird watchers this is a suitable place. The bucolic view around the beel is very nice and something to remember for the life time. A place is to see sun setting, boating and enjoy the moment hustle free.

Pottery village is a place where you will see the utensils/ cooking pots made of clay that once mostly used in Bangladesh. You can also join to make this traditional cooking pots.

There is a tea stall that can make a cup of tea with seven layers tea or seven color tea of its different tastes on each. Zoo- Here is also a Mini Zoo where native wild animals seen. Pottery village here you can see with your own eye that how they make earthenware are used to make yogurt at present and in ancient time people used to cook, eat and for house work the same product.

Bamboo rafting is like a boating that bamboo businessmen float bamboos on water. It takes from one place to another down places in Srimangal tour.

Hum Hum Waterfall is discovered which is close to Indian boarder. To reach that place, a long way of trekking about one and half hours through jungle and several high hills for about five km is an amazing adventurous tour which can not feel without a practical visit of Srimangal tour.

The vast waterfall in Bangladesh, trekking through jungle for adventurous tour.

Madhabkunda Waterfall in Srimangal tour- Madhabkunda waterfall is in Sylhet division which is one of the most attractions in Sylhet. This is unique highest waterfall in Bangladesh which is at rocky hill in reserved forest. It is a long journey to Madhabkunda. You can see the greenish beauty of tea garden, rubber garden and the hills on the drive through which will increase the joy of your journey. Big boulders, stones and the black stones give a shape of  Madhabkundu.

Satchari National Park provides the flora and fauna of nature, a map of the walking trails and it is a home to the critically endangered Hoolock Gibbon and many others animals. Satchari National Park is considered to be one of the best birding destinations in Bangladesh. There is also a Tripura tribal village.

Rema Kalenga- Rema-Kalenga wildlife sanctuary is a part of the trap hill reserved forest- the largest remnant of upland natural forest in the country. The sanctuary encompasses several hills of different elevations and low laying valleys. The forest is mixed evergreen, where tall trees are deciduous and the under evergreen and it is home to a wonderful variety of plant, animal and bird-life and provides some of the best bird watching experience in the country. There are four different ethnic communities as Tripura, shantal, telugu and urang live in and around the forest.

Country side– visit country side to enjoy different culture at village community where is a calm and friendly touch.

Cultural program in Srimangal tour– Stay for nights at any of several tribal people’s home to enjoy their life style as Monipuri, Khasia, Bengali and Tripura. It’s an awesome and local culture of the tribe echoes the guests. You can also join their activities to experience it.  Amazing Monipuri cultural famous dance fascinates people. Monipuri famous dance can be arranged to request of the guests.