Paddle steamer rocket

Paddle steamer rocket

Paddle steamer rocket is as special Paddle Steamer used from the British colonial period and it is active to run daily from Dhaka (now a days, till Morelganj), stopping several stations at Chandpur, Barisal, Mongla and many other ports in the way. White wooden cabins, beds in clear white sheets, a range of western and local dishes served, the tranquil paddle steam boat voyage through spectacular rivers views keeping a gentle memory in the minds of million people.

If you are heading to the Sundarban tour or the ruins at Bagerhat, traveling by a Paddle Steamer is a great choice to go for a major part of the journey. It is true that you obviously enjoy the true riverine beauty of Bangladesh by traveling on Paddle Steamer. Mof the travel travel guides books including Lonely Planet recommend a Paddle Steamer trip while in Bangladesh, and they have been featured on the BBC, CNN and other news services.

Classes in Paddle Steamer

There are two levels in Paddle Steamer. 1st class is in front side of the upper level. Paddle steamer has 12 cabins in large vessels, and 8 in the smaller ones. They have two single bed on the cabin with a wash basin and fan. Other half is with single bed with the same facilities. Between two cabins there is sofa for sitting and table for dining In the middle space. 1st class is the real highlight though, is the outside deck at the front of the boat and you can sit while stewards serve tea and biscuits.

At the back of the boat is second class. Rooms are smaller than those in 1st class, there are no washbasin and no bed linen but there is common washroom. There are small fans though, some chairs outside your room to enjoy the scenery. If you are staying back here, it might be possible for you to dine in 1st class. There are 10 cabins in big vessels section and 6 in the smaller vessels.

Inter and deck classes are similar to those in ferries.

Departure time of Paddle Steamer

  • Except Fridays, paddle steamer boats leave from Dhaka everyday at 06.30 pm, reach Hularhat at 10.30 am and Morelganj at 02.30 pm next day. There might be 1 or 2 hours delay to reach this ports.
  • From Morelganj paddle steamer leave at 08.30 in the morning, and leave Hularhat at 01.00 pm for Dhaka. It is about 16 hours journey from Hularhat.