Rangpur tour with Tajhat Rajbari and Kantajir temple

Rangpur tour with Tajhat Rajbari and Kantajir temple

Tajhat Rajbari / Rangpur Museum

Tajhat is situated at just south of the city of Rangpur. This is a former “rajbari” or zamindar’s palace. After the end of the British king, the building was abandoned and decayed quickly, although it was used for a few years as a courthouse during the 1980. In  2004, it was largely restored and moved into a museum to display with ancient inscriptions, art and coins from the area.

This 20th Century palace was constructed by the local Jamindar, and was used as residence till 1950, when government did acquisition the estate. In the 1980, Bangladesh Government used it as the local sit for the high court division of the Supreme Court. Later in the 1990, shifting  the high court. This palace now has been turned into a museum and looking after by archaeological authority. With a wide green belt around the building, it makes a good pastime for the tourists.

 Kantanagar Temple is an eighteenth century brick temple, situated in the peaceful island hamlet of Kantanagar (Kantanagar), about 12 miles north of Dinajpur town, and about a mile west of Dinajpur-Tetulia highway across the Dhepa river. Kantonagor has achieved eminence as an outstanding monument in Bengal for its fabulous terracotta embellishment. This nava-ratna or ‘nine spired’ Hindu temple, now stripped off its original nine spires atop its corners during the devastating earthquake of 1897, exhibits the exuberance of terracotta art at its best in Bangladesh.

Man-made water tank named Ramsagar is located at the village of Tejpur about 8 km south of Dinajpur town. People consider it to be the biggest man-made tank of Bangladesh. The tank was named after a Hindu king- Ram Nath who excavated it on the eve of the battle of palashi. Alivardi Khan was the nawab of Bengal in that period.To supply water to the people living in the surrounding villages,  the tank was excavated. The water area of Ramsagar measures 1079 m along north-south and 192.6 m along east-west. Approximate depth of the tank is 9.5 m.