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Tour company in Bangladesh vs Tour Operator in Bangladesh is no variation to tour service in Bangladesh. But tour company means a group of individuals to lead a company. Tour operator means a person who directs a tour guide to do the tour. Tour operator manages all service for tourists. In Bangladesh, tourism company, tour operator, tour guide and travel agents are boosting up very fast. It becomes good for tourists and travelers to get service in competitive market.

We are one of the oldest tourism companies in Bangladesh that have been handling tour service to foreign tourists across the country since 2001.  We strongly say that our all guests are being satisfied by our service.

Tour Service in Bangladesh by Bangladesh Tour Company

In the beginning of 2001, our tour guides were trained up on tourism by Leading Tour Company. It was just official tour service to foreign tourists. Thus we spent few years. An NGO named Nishorgo supported by USAID designed their plan to support nature and animals with local assistance at nearby forests. This NGO invited locality to join in their program. That offers were for locals to be Eco Tour Guide in Bangladesh. Our Tour Guides applied and selected to be trained  up. When a training is over, they were given identification and certificates as registered tour guide.  It is very good training on nature and animals. Tourists loving to enjoy bio-diversity must choose Eco Tour Guide to visit in Bangladesh. We have Eco Tour Guides for every location in Bangladesh. Lawachara is the best place for nature lover, wild animals, trekking and ethnic community in Sylhet Division.

Tourism package by Bangladesh Tour Company

Our Tour Guides also have training on tourism by Bangladesh Government. Bangladesh Technical Board provides certificates after training. We all got certificates from Government for tour service providing. You can visit our main website to see tour package and information.