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Tour company in Bangladesh vs Tour Operator in Bangladesh is no variation to tour service in Bangladesh. But tour company means a group of individuals to lead a company. Tour operator means a person who directs a tour guide to do the tour. Tour operator manages all service for tourists. In Bangladesh, tourism company, tour operator, tour guide and travel agents are boosting up very fast. It becomes good for tourists and travelers to get service in competitive market.

We are one of the oldest tourism companies in Bangladesh that have been handling tour service to foreign tourists across the country since 2001.  We strongly say that our all guests are being satisfied by our service.

Tour Service in Bangladesh by Bangladesh Tour Company

In the beginning of 2001, our tour guides were trained up on tourism by Leading Tour Company. It was just official tour service to foreign tourists. Thus we spent few years. An NGO named Nishorgo supported by USAID designed their plan to support nature and animals with local assistance at nearby forests. This NGO invited locality to join in their program. That offers were for locals to be Eco Tour Guide in Bangladesh. Our Tour Guides applied and selected to be trained  up. When a training is over, they were given identification and certificates as registered tour guide.  It is very good training on nature and animals. Tourists loving to enjoy bio-diversity must choose Eco Tour Guide to visit in Bangladesh. We have Eco Tour Guides for every location in Bangladesh. Lawachara is the best place for nature lover, wild animals, trekking and ethnic community in Sylhet Division.

Tourism package by Bangladesh Tour Company

Our Tour Guides also have training on tourism by Bangladesh Government. Bangladesh Technical Board provides certificates after training. We all got certificates from Government for tour service providing. You can visit our main website to see tour package and information.


Sundarban tour package

Sundarban tour package is for only Sundarban tour. There are several ready packages for Sundarbans as 3 days 2 nights/ 4 days 4 nights/ 1 day/ 7 days 6 nights. On your choice, you can customize the tour plan.   In Sundarban  tour package, tourists do not need to buy anything extra. Everything is included.  This Sundarban tour package starts from Mongla or Khulna and finish at the same place. Here is an itinerary for 3 days 2 nights tour to Sundarban.Sundarban tour package

Day -1 Our launch starts towards Sundarban early in the morning from Khulna Launch Ghat which takes about hours to reach   Kachikhali.  After reaching that place, we visit the forest for hours. We enjoy the natural beauty of world’s largest mangrove forest at Kochikhali. This day we stay at night in launch at Kochikhali / Harbaria. It continues boating in the river.  Overnight stay here.
 Day 2 In the morning we cruise through the mangrove creeks and canals that there is nature and silence. We walk sometime here in the forest then come back on boat to take our breakfast. Just after doing this, boat starts its journey to the next destination Katka tourist spot. When we finish our breakfast, we start for Katka tourist spot as Sea Beach and the wild forest visit by walking and from Katka Watch Tower, Jamtola forest.  We can bathe ourselves in the sea beach Katka.  When it is launch time, we get in the launch to take food then we move to the official side of the largest mangrove forest to enjoy the sunset. After the visit, we return to the boat for overnight stay.
 Day 3 In third day, our return journey is for Khulna.  As it is our last day, we may have sufficient time to visit tiger point, Karamjal wildlife centre / Herbaria Mangrove trail. In the afternoon, we start return journey for Khulna. We reach in Khulna at later afternoon. Tour ends.

Note: We take you to all most visited places.

  • Includes for Sundarban tour package:
  • Cruise inside the deep forest with launch and small wooden boat.
  • Accommodation in launch at twin share cabin/single cabin. (AC/ Non AC)
  • All meals during the trip-breakfast, lunch, dinner, mineral water, snacks and tea.
  • All activates inside the forest as per itinerary.
  • Paddle boat to visit through small canal and creeks.
  • Water jar for drinking during the trip. (Bottled water)
  • Entrance fee to the forest and permission from government authority.
  • To accompany for safety, armed forest guard from the forest department.
  • Tour guide during the trip.
  • 24 hours tea, coffee and minerals water will be available.

Necessary Equipment to Be Carried with Tourists:

  1. Hat/Cap/Sun-glass, Binocular and Flash Light.
  2. Emergency Medicine and Sun-Burn Lotion.
  3. Snicker Shoes for walking.
  4. Camera, Charger, Battery & Films.
  5. Toothpaste & tooth brush, Towels, Soap & Shampoo.
  6. Please carry whatever you need.

Food Menu:

Title Breakfast Lunch Dinner
1st Day Biscuit, bread, vegetable, jelly, boiled egg, banana, Sundarban honey (depending on the season) and tea. Plain rice, vegetable, chicken curry, local fish fry/ curry, thick pulse, salad. Plain rice mixed vegetable. fish vuna, chicken curry, dal/lentil, salad/mashed.
2nd Day Bread/ plain porota, egg omelet/fry, mixed vegetable and  tea. Plain rice, mixed vegetable, mashed, local fish curry and salad. B-B-Q dinner/ rice with curry.
3rd day Chapati/plain parata, egg fry, mixed vegetable and tea or vuna kechuri, egg curry, olive pickle and tea. Plain rice mixed vegetable, chicken curry, local fish fry/ curry, dal, vunna, salad. Mutton curry or chicken curry, plain rice with egg, yogurt, salad, soft drinks.
Snacks Morning and evening Singara, vegetable rool, special cake, apple, orange,  chips etc. Tea, coffee and banana.

Note: This sundarban tour package starts from Khulna to Sunderbans and back to Khulna. We also start from Mongla. You can customize the tour on your choice. To visit all places, it depends on weather.

Sundarban tour package

Places to visit in Sundarban:

Karamjal >  Hiron point> Dublar char> Katka office> Office cannel> Jamtola watch tower> Harbaria> Badamtola sea beach.

Sundarban tour in Bangla

Birishiri tour in Mymensingh

Birishiri tour in Mymensingh

Mymensingh  is a divisional headquarter of Mymensingh Division. It is north part of Bangladesh. It was named on Raja Man Singh a Navaratnas Great emperor Akbar. Area is 4363.48 sq km. The district was established in 1787. Later on it was divided into six districts. Jamalpur, Mymensingh, Sherpur and Netrokona are with this division. There are 8 municipalities, 12 Upazilas, 146 union Parishads, 84 wards, 206 Mahallas, 2201 Mouzas and 2709 villages in Mymensingh district. Mymensingha Gitiaka is a great literary resource in Bangla literature. Continue reading “Birishiri tour in Mymensingh”

Rangpur tour with Tajhat Rajbari and Kantajir temple

Rangpur tour with Tajhat Rajbari and Kantajir temple

Tajhat Rajbari / Rangpur Museum

Tajhat is situated at just south of the city of Rangpur. This is a former “rajbari” or zamindar’s palace. After the end of the British king, the building was abandoned and decayed quickly, although it was used for a few years as a courthouse during the 1980. In  2004, it was largely restored and moved into a museum to display with ancient inscriptions, art and coins from the area.

Continue reading “Rangpur tour with Tajhat Rajbari and Kantajir temple”