Social  activities- from our income- if you travel with us, it means you support this kind of people

Although we work in travel related service, we are in a part of helping people.  In many ways we can do a favor to people.  As Bangladesh is a developing country every one knows, all from every corner are trying to change something.  The root of all the things is uneducated which takes backwards. Our aim is to give  some study materials and some money to the family to bear the study expense or the money can help to stop going to work for breads. Those who have no room to live, we also try to make at least a hut.  Even there are many living under a great poverty that starve day and night long.  Providing food, clothes and other staffs for just surviving with others in the world is the duty of all guys from every corner of the globe.  So we think it and let you think- what would be if we were in the same?  Please support us to continue…